Cheap hosting for Rails apps and Typo blogs

If you’re looking for hosting for a Ruby on Rails web app, no doubt you’ve heard about TextDrive. TextDrive is a good host provider that knows Ruby and Rails inside and out. But TextDRive is not the only game in town and I want to draw you attention to Planet Argon.

Planet Argon hosts this blog, and is an inexpensive hosting service that also knows Ruby and Rails very well. Even better, if all you want is a Ruby on Rails based blog, Planet Argon can provide that for only a few dollars a month—that’s the software that runs this blog: Typo. Typo is a Rails app. Once it is installed, you can customize it to your hearts content. This is a great way to get into Ruby and Rails programming in a very personal way!


2 responses to “Cheap hosting for Rails apps and Typo blogs

  1. Thanks for your post, i am doing a study on this and you have gibven me some great info



  2. At the time that I posted this blog entry, my blog was hosted at Planet Argon, but I have since moved it to WordPress. This is no reflection on Planet Argon — that have provided superb service — it was just part of my efforts to simplify my life.

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