One-Click Ruby Installer hits 90k (plus OSX news)

The One-Click Ruby Installer for Windows just topped 90,0000 downloads since its first RubyForge release just one year ago (prior to April of 2004 it was hosted on SourceForge). But even more telling is the fact that 60,000 of those downloads occurred in only the last four months!

A year ago the daily downloads for the One-Click Ruby Installer averaged about 30 per day and have steadily climbed to today’s average of 450 per day. As impressive as those numbers are (at least to me), they are just for Windows. I don’t have any data on other platforms, But that will soon change.

Mark Hubbart has been busy working on the One-Click Ruby Installer for OSX. We’re hoping to release a technology preview within the next few weeks. This is very exciting, and I think you will be pleased with what Mark has done!

I’m still looking for someone to work on a One-Click Ruby Installer for KDE and/or Gnome. Please email me if you are interested (curt at hibbs dot com).

I’ve been pushing Ruby since the Fall of 2001, and it is wonderful to finally see Ruby start to take off. It’s been very gratifying to have played a small part in helping Ruby push into the mainstream.


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