Formal Training for Ruby and Rails

Two things happened recently that got me thinking more about formal training for Ruby and for Rails. First, I got the following email from William Poulsen:

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the rails tutorials you posted on the O’Reilly site! I just graduated from Arizona State University where my entire final semester was spent using J2EE to write a simple web application that did exactly the same thing as your two tutorials. I wasted an entire semester tinkering for hours on end with xml deployment files, EJBs, JSPs, and the like and I got the same result in about 45 minutes with your tutorials using rails. On top of it your examples were so much more logical and only about 1/100th of the code! You definitely should have taken that offer to write a Rails book… I don’t think anybody can make it as clear, concise, and practical as you did! I guess I will get the next best thing; Agile Web Development with Rails… Thanks again, Will Poulsen

P.S. I’m going to write to my instructors and the head of the CIS department at ASU and tell them to get a Ruby/Rails course on the lineup. They are in the process of revamping the program and since I am now a full fledged Ruby convert it only makes sense! 🙂

Second, I recently found out that my former employer, Object Computing Inc. (who offers both training and consulting) is going to test the waters later this year with a class on Ruby and another class on Rails. Based on the raging success of the Building of Basecamp workshops, I think the time may be right for this. I really want to encourage them for follow through on this, and I was hoping that you could help me do a little impromptu market research.

If there were multi-day, seminar-style classes available to teach programming in Ruby and web application development with Ruby on Rails:

  • Would you be interested in taking these classes, or would your company be interested in sending people to these classes?
  • Would you be interested in these classes if you had to travel out of town, or would you only be interested if they were available locally?
  • If you might be interested, where are you located? In other words, I’d like to determine where are the Ruby/Rails hot-spots?

Please take a moment to post a comment to this blog entry to answer these questions and make any other related comments.



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