Murphy’s Law just bit me!

This coming Thursday (June 9th) I’m giving a presentation on Rails to the St. Louis Java Users Group, but I’m still not completely satisfied with my existing presentation (particularly the videos of developing a Rails app). And being habitually overworked, I knew that I had some time tonight and Tuesday night to update the presentation. A little tight, but doable.

I wanted my video to start from the beginning, so I uninstalled Ruby to start from scratch. I then reinstalled Ruby and tried to do a:

    gem install rails

No luck, I just got some kind of EOF error. After about an hour of futzing around (because I assumed I had a problem with my internet connection or proxy server), I found out the RubyForge is down and won’t be back up until 11:00pm.

Now I can’t even do anything because I don’t have no longer have Rails installed. I’m stuck… Arrrrrrrrg! 😦

Now I’m going to have to give up some sleep to get this done, which I didn’t want to do because I think my body is on the edge of getting sick and I wanted to get extra sleep.

This is a classic Murphy’s Law situation!


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