Ajax on Rails & Murphy’s Law

It seems like I’ve been a Murphy’s-Law-magnet lately.

RubyForge was down on one of the two nights I had to prepare the video for my Rails presentation to the St. Louis Java Users Group. Then, during the presentation the fire alarm went off and we had to evacuate the building for about a half an hour, so when we resumed, I had to try to compress the remainder of an already time-tight presentation.

On the same day (actually, at the same hour) of this Rails presentation, O’Reilly published my Ajax on Rails article on their ONLamp.com site. The article contained links to my blog as live examples of using Ajax functionality. Unfortunately, my ISP co-location center suffered a major power failure that took 4,000 servers offline and my blog was caught in the crossfire just as people were try to use it!

Perhaps I’ve used up my quota of Murphy’s Law and can look forward to a peaceful summer. But I suspect that Murphy would beg to differ!


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