Less Code

There’s no denying it… programming has become more complex than it should be. I’ve done my share of rationalizing this situation by telling myself that it is just the nature of the programming beast – so, just deal with it!

But some years ago, extensive work with JavaScript reminded me of the productivity I had enjoyed when I worked in Smalltalk and my search for “something better” lead me to Ruby. My sense of productivity returned with a vengeance only to be solidified when Ruby on Rails entered the picture (Rails is a wildly successful expression of the concept of less code).

Now, Ryan Tomayko has recognized that there is a trend afoot – a real movement – and has decided to open the doors on a site dedicated to this emerging trend:

lesscode.org is a place to advocate, discuss, and practice the art of using less code to get more done. We shun complexity and challenge the status-quo when it impedes our ability to simplify our development tools and processes. We appreciate Python, Ruby, LAMP, REST, KISS, worse is better, and talk like a pirate day.

Please check out lesscode.org, support it and its goals. You’ll be glad you did!


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