Now Playing: A glut of ads

Confession: I shamelessly stole this title from an LA Times article.

I love movies. Before I had kids I used to go see just about every movie that came out. I even fantasized about becoming a movie critic just so I could get paid to go to the theater.

But the theater experience is not what it used to be. The screens are smaller, the snacks cost more than the tickets, there’s no longer an usher to keep unruly patrons in line, and I have to sit through 20 minutes of advertisements! Is it any wonder that I rarely go to the theater any more and that I have an extensive collection of DVDs?

As The Big Picture points out, this is a major cause of declining theater revenues, and just watch as MPAA tries to pin this decline on piracy as a strategy for getting restrictive legislation passed!

The movie industry is doing this to itself.


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