Visual pun fallout had me laughing out loud

Ok, I can’t stand it any more… I just burst out laughing and my coworkers are giving me that suspicious eye.

This “Ruby on Rael” stuff was ok when I saw the original photo mockup (Sam Ruby on Rael Dornfest). I was even more amused when I saw the real thing. But I totally lost it when I read that Sam was working his way through the Rails book and then this comment to Sam Ruby (posted by Rabble of Odeo fame):

Things will get really confusing if you start doing ruby development sam. It’s hard enough to find information about xml and feed related issues in the ruby language. If you started contributing to ruby related projects it’ll even get more confusing…

Maybe we need some way of resolving the namespace conflict, ruby-lang and ruby-person?

All we need now is a ruby project called ‘sam’ then it will get to be really fun.

It’d be great to have you playing with ruby, name space conflicts aside.


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