ThoughtWorks & Ruby, are we past the tipping point?

The thing about tipping points is that you usually don’t know you have passed one until its already ready happened. Ever since Dave Thomas made his comment about Rails taking Ruby mainstream, there has been a growing sense that Ruby’s tipping point would be sometime this year.

Perhaps we’ve already tipped, but we just don’t know it yet. I began to feel that way after reading David Geary’s list of high-profile Java developers who have embraced Ruby on Rails. And now ThoughtWorks, the famous IT consultant to the Fortune 500s, has also announce its commitment to Ruby development.

The explosion of interest in Ruby on Rails has catapulted Ruby to prominence among dynamic programming languages. Ruby’s elegance along with Rail’s emphasis on Agile practices is providing many adopters with several times higher productivity than traditional Java and .NET web-development platforms, creating enterprise-worthy systems in many domains.

This is a big deal because ThoughtWorks has a major voice in enterprise development.

via RedHanded.


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