Mea culpa – my Instant Rails snafu

The month of December this year is really, really busy for me. It’s very typical for me to over commit myself, but this month I did it big time! So, a couple days ago when the official 1.0 release of Ruby on Rails came out, I wanted to release a new version of Instant Rails that contained it, ASAP, but I also knew that I knew I didn’t have time to work off any of the other items on my Instant Rails todo list.

So, I simply updated Instant Rails to the latest Rails RubyGems, committed my changes to the IR subversion repository, exported the repository for packaging, zipped it up, ran a quick test of the cookbook app, and posted it to RubyForge.

Now the astute among you may have notice that failed to do an SVN ADD to add the new Rails 1.0 files before I committed… arrrrggg! So I released Instant Rails preview6 saying that it had Rails 1.0 in it, when it did not.

Fortunately, David Morton agreed to join the Instant Rails development team (along with myself and Tanner Burson), and he spotted it almost immediately. That’ll teach me not to rush something out like that.

The good news is that only a day later, we released Instant Rails 1.0 preview7 and this time it not only contains the real, live, honest-to-God Ruby on Rails 1.0, it also contains Typo preinstalled as a sample Rails app (Typo is what powers this blog). You can thank David Morton for this bit of quick magic.


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