Second largest online music store converts to Rails

It is not news to anyone who is part of the Ruby on Rails development community that Derek Sivers, the creator/owner of, has been converting his site from PHP to Ruby on Rails (he blogged about it back in January, 2005). But what I didn’t know was how extensive was his behind-the-scenes operation, and the fact that is the second largest online music store behind Amazon!

This and other interesting tidbits were revealed in Robby Russell’s interview of Derek Sivers and Jeremy Kemper.

Russell: Derek, you were a self-taught PHP programmer for several years, what were your first thoughts of Ruby?

Sivers: I loved it right away. It made so much sense. After 7 years with PHP, I still have to look up the parameter order for array_search or strpos. Ruby felt intuitive right away.

I started using it for some shell scripts, and wanted it to use it more, but since almost everything I do is on the web, I had no practical way to use it until Rails came out.


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