Refactoring in Java vs. Ruby

Conventional wisdom has it that automated refactoring support is good in Java because it is statically typed, and poor (or non-existent) in Ruby because it is dynamically type. This may be true up to a point, but breaks down quickly when your Java app uses reflection, AOP, or has code references in XML configuration files.

Murphee has written a really good exposition of this issue:

Sure… when you use the refactoring tools in Eclipse (for instance, I guess other IDEs do that too), you can tell it to look at textual resources too. But that‘s no real help here… because looking for “getTheGuysName” in JSP files won‘t help, because the property’s name in the JSP file is “TheGuysName“.

And it doesn‘t end here. If you‘ve been following the Java space at all then you’ll know that it gets more and more common to wire things together with text files (XML or others).

If you’re interested in the issues that surround refectoring, this is definitely worth reading.

Thanks to Obie for bringing this to my attention.


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