RubyConf 2006 will be in Denver

The good folks from Ruby Central just announced that the Sixth International Ruby Conference will be held in Denver, Colorado , October 20-22. The exact venue has yet to be announced, but I don’t envy the organizers because they face the impossible task of guessing how many people will want to come.

RubyConf 2004 had 70 attendees and RubyConf 2006 had 200, but we’ll never know how big the interest really was because registration was cut off at 200 when they hit the capacity of the venue.

There are some hints. As I reported earlier, the RailsConf 2006 (to be held this June) sold out its capacity of 400 in one week. They were able to increase the capacity by 150 and reopen registration, but that sold out in 24 hours!

But this raises as many questions than it answers. How many would have registered if they could? How does this translate to attendance for the more general RubyConf? How much does having a separate RailsConf take the pressure off of RubyConf?

I don’t have any answers, but I’m sure glad I’m not doing the conference planning.


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