Waffle might better match RoR’s productivity in Java

If you are trying to get the productivity benefits of Ruby on Rails while staying in Java, you should check out a promising new lightweight framework, Waffle

While I am, personally, firmly in the Ruby on Rails camp I try to follow the many Java projects that try to bring the RoR productivity advances back home to Java.

I don’t believe that any of these frameworks can ever match the full productivity levels of RoR itself, but a lot of improvement is definitely possible. Not only that, but it is highly desirable to do so because there are many legitimate reasons to stay in Java.

As someone who has been involved in RoR since nearly the beginning, I have a pretty good internal understanding of synergistic facets of RoR that combine to provide these productivity benefits. Most of the attempts to bring RoR-style productivity to Java have been improvements, but really haven’t provided the Java developer with a breakthrough level of productivity.

So, I was really excited when I read about Waffle. From everything I’ve read, it has really distilled some of the essential characteristics that enable RoR’s productivity, and implemented them in Java. For now, take this with grain of salt because I have not actually used it yet. What I am saying, is that from my RoR experience I think Waffle is worth checking out.

Also, I’d be interested in hear from anyone who actually uses Waffle to hear your first-hand experience report.


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