DDJ: “Rails may [be a] historic tipping point” !

This is a real teaser…

Andy Hunt reports that Dr. Dobb’s Journal has a cover story about Ruby on Rails in the June 2006 issue in which they say:

DDJ will be tracking Rails closely in the coming months because it may represent a historic tipping point in development environments.

Cool… I want to read more! But the link just takes me to the page for the Pragmatic Bookshelf’s Rails book.

I figure that’s a simple error, so I Google for the DDJ site, go directly there and look for the article. Nope, not there! Actually, there’s no mention of the June 2006 articles, only articles for May 2006.

Looks like Andy got to see some advance copy, and the rest of us are just going to have to wait!


UPDATE: Its out now… you can read it here.


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