The first Ruby conference in Japan (Ruby’s homeland) just got underway. Its called RubyKaigi2006 (Kaigi means meeting or conference). Amazingly, the conference was sold out within the first hour that tickets went up for sale!

Daigo Moriwaki, one of the Japanese bloggers for RedHanded, just posted some news about day one of the conference.

The mosting interesting news to me was that Matz plans to release Ruby 1.9.1 by Christmas of 2007 (development of Ruby 1.8.x will continue in parallel), and 1.9.1 will include both M17N support and Yarv! Yarv is Ruby’s long awaited virtual machine.

Anyway, you can read all about RubyKaigi2006 here and here. You can find lots of pictures on Flickr.


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