Ruby is now a “mainstream” programming language

Read about it here.


5 responses to “Ruby is now a “mainstream” programming language

  1. Yep, Ruby is nice, however it has to make a long way to be able to replace old-fashion languages…
    It still lacks speed anf syntax equilibrium the aspects of a grown up language.

  2. Huh???

    What are you trying to say?

  3. I’m looking at Ruby and can’t but notice the great advantages of the language such as dynamic typing, mixins – traits from the point of view of Ruby, lambda functions and a lot of other pleasesnt and powerful things, however I can’t but agree with this presentation:
    Things have changed since then, but some are too actuall to be missed.
    I really loved Ruby and it’s flexibility, however some things such as slow processing, confusing scopes still leave some work to be done to move the language to be the tool of the system programmers.

  4. ruby looks learnable to newbies

  5. You check out the latest ruby job market stats and info at

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